Modus & Alterior - Horse Power Coffee Beans & Tasting Event

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Modus & Alterior

Horse Power Coffee Beans

& Tasting Event

March 16, 2024 - at A Living Taste

We developed our own custom coffee with our friends at Modus Coffee called Horse Power. Its a very forgiving coffee thanks to its balanced acidity, big body, and sweetness. Truly A Living Taste that is most ideal for your go-to everyday cup.

Horse Power Coffee goes through a washed process, roasted medium light to bring out a full and crisp flavour with a balance of dark fruits, chocolates, and spice. Beans are sourced from a family-owned farm and organically grown in Mataquescuintla, Guatemala, produced by Cafe Colis Resistencia.

We hosted Sharif from Modus for a one day Horse Power tasting event at the shop. 

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 Graphic Artwork by Saeed Ferguson (All Caps Studio)

Photography by Donnel Garcia

Videography by Rosanna Peng

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