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Jam for Alterior - 10 Essentials for Hiking



Jam is based in Los Angeles, California and was founded in 2018. The brand is an extension of the graphic design practice of Sam Jayne. Jam delves into themes of nature, architecture, music, and graphic design. Its a space to explore disparate ideas and combine influences into thought-provoking graphics.

Alterior collaborated with Jam to create the 10 Essentials for Hiking collection. Featuring a variety of 32 oz Nalgene bottles, two t-shirts and a leather bottle sling. The full collection is available at A Living Taste and select stockists around the world.


Photography by Donnel Garcia

 Models: Cole and Dallas Chreptyk 
















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2019-03-21 00:37:47 -0700

Mike Cobarrubia for Alterior

We had our good friend Mike Cobarrubia of Street Dreams Magazine over at our studio to document us as we do our work. He is the Co-founder, Art Director, and Designer of Streetdreams Magazine; as well as being a long time collaborator and family to Alterior. The feature includes products from our Mister Green Collection. 


Photography by: Mike Cobarrubia

Models: Cole & Dallas Chreptyk

 - 2018-


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2020-04-16 22:09:01 -0700

Alterior for Brain Dead



Alterior collaborated with the LA based collective Brain Dead for Spring 2020. Following their release with card experts Fontaine Cards, we made a full-leather carabiner card wallet to carry them. Only available online through Brain Dead's webstore.


Photography by Brain Dead

Additional shots by: Alterior
























































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2019-10-04 00:50:07 -0700

A Walk Around The Neighbourhood

It was a beautiful afternoon, so the Brothers decided to take a walk around their neighbourhood. Documenting some new, and staple pieces from their collection. This feature highlights the Key House, Card Necklace, Camera Wrist Strap, Woven Belt, Tote Bag, Full-Zip Wallet, Lighter Cover and Mister Green Ceremony Case. The full range is available on the web-store.


Photography by Dallas & Cole Chreptyk

Models: Dallas & Cole Chreptyk




























































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2019-03-19 11:37:34 -0700

Alterior by Donnel Garcia

Alterior got together with the talented Donnel Garcia of Street Dreams Magazine to assemble an editorial for their full collection. The look book features products PR-001 through PR-012. The full range is available on the web-store.


Collection 01 

Photography by Donnel Garcia

Models: Alexandra Lee, Satyan Gohill 


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2019-03-11 21:16:45 -0700

Alterior for Mister Green


Alterior joined forces with Ariel Stark-Benz from LA based, Mister Green to collaborate on our first 4 piece collection. Consisting of the Ceremony Case, Lighter Necklace, Incense Burner and Card Case, this collection is available at Mister Green Life Store and select stockists around the world.


Photography by Mike Cobarrubia (Street Dreams Magazine)

Models: Cole and Dallas Chreptyk 












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2019-06-04 15:10:14 -0700

Alterior Pop-up @ Mister Green Life Store

April 19, 2019 marked the 2 year anniversary of the Mister Green Life Store. In celebration we held a weekend long pop-up in Los Angeles at the Fountain Avenue shop running from 4/20-4/21. Showcasing products from the line with some of our most recent work, and the collaborative 4 piece collection we did alongside Mister Green. These items as well as the collection are available at Mister Green Life Store and select stockists around the world.














































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2019-03-19 17:22:01 -0700

Alterior by Leon Lee

Alterior teamed up with Vancouver based photographer Leon Lee to produce a concise selection of photos for the PR-009 Heavyweight Canvas Tote-bag. The lookbook showcases the textures and key components to the bag while being accompanied by other accessories. Also included in this feature are the Keyclip, Incense Burner, and Lighter Cover.

Photography by Leon Lee 

Model: Dallas Chreptyk


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2019-03-18 01:35:26 -0700

Alterior Videos by Due Pinlac

When Alterior released their first official collection back in 2015, the brothers were very fortunate to have the talented photographer and videographer Due Pinlac to help them tell their story. Here is the four part edit he put together.

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2019-03-11 21:13:06 -0700

Alterior by Keith Henry


 Canadian artist Keith Henry is a multi-talented creative that has deep roots across the country for his skating, fashion and editorial photography, and garment making under his namesake label Henry's. This set of detailed photos were taken in Vancouver BC by Keith Henry for Alterior.


Photography by Keith Henry 

Model: Keaton Alexander 














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2019-03-12 16:45:36 -0700

Alterior by Eric Veloso


  Vancouver based artist and photographer Eric Veloso is known for his unique photographic style which makes use of natural light, shadows, lines, and reflections. Eric is the full time Creative and Brand Director for Street Dreams magazine and its counterpart creative and media agency, SDVA. His work has been exhibited in galleries and shows worldwide. 

This set of portraits and product shots were taken in Vancouver BC at the Street Dreams Magazine studio. 


Photography by Eric Veloso (Street Dreams Magazine)

Models: Cole and Dallas Chreptyk 








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2019-03-13 16:34:59 -0700

Alterior Design Pt.1 by Due Pinlac

Alterior's first collection was launched in March 2015. This photo/video editorial encapsulates the brothers vision and ethos behind their brand and product.
Every piece entirely made by hand in their Vancouver B.C studio. Their debut collection places emphasis on the use of durable materials and functional design. This in-depth look shows the hands on approach that is taken into each and every product that is made. No detail is overlooked. This editorial was shot and produced by Due Pinlac. 












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2014-08-19 21:21:35 -0700

New Balance Winter 2018

Inspired by a certain iconic comedian and sneaker enthusiast, our 2018 New Balance editorial puts some of the brand’s highest quality designs on display. Paired below, with the ie Cargo Pants and Garbstore x Fullcount Denim Jacket, the New Balance MS574LSR “Bone” is in stock alongside a lineup of Made in the UK and Made in the USA offerings. Click the link, or drop by any of our stores to shop New Balance.

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